WCCA Scholarship

Westmoreland County Coaches Association
Scholar-Athlete Award 2020 – 2021

Dear Scholar-Athlete:
We ask that you consider applying for the scholar-athlete award presented annually by the Westmoreland County Coaches Association.
Our nonprofit organization is comprised of individuals, coaches/athletic directors/others, who are currently or have had past involvement with high school athletics in Westmoreland County. The
goal of the organization is to promote and recognize the achievements of athletes representing schools in our county. We currently conduct County Championships in eleven sports, male or female, with plans to continue expanding to other sports. In addition to sponsorship of these events, we also feel it is important to recognize outstanding scholastic achievement of our scholar-athletes. Any monies that exceed our basic operating expenses are place in escrow to provide scholarships for deserving individuals. In the past the W.C.C.A. has been able to provide at least one, and at most nine awards depending on the organization’s financial situation.
The award is open to both male and female athletes with an emphasis on need, scholastic achievement, student participation in school activities, and to a degree, community involvement. The only restriction is that the student/athlete must attend a county school that does participate in at least one of our sponsored events or whose coaches are active members of the W.C.C.A. for the current year. Please note that a space is provided on the application for the signature of the W.C.C.A. member/sponsor from your school.
The due date for submission is May 1 of the current school year. Send the application, an official transcript, and a copy of your parent’s Federal Income Tax, Form 1040 or 1040A for the current year to the address below. When including your parents Federal Income Tax we need to see the adjusted gross income which is Line 37 of Form 1040, no need to send all of the additional pages. Feel free to blackout all social security numbers. Your scholarship application is only seen by the scholarship chairperson all information from the forms provided is inputted by the chairperson to a spreadsheet for the scholarship committee. Your personal information is not shared with the entire organization.
On or about May 8, the Scholarship Committee will evaluate all applications and select recipients to recommend to the Board of Directors of the W.C.C.A. The membership of our organization will determine if our financial position at that time will allow us to present more than one award.
If you are selected, you will be notified by telephone as well as by written correspondence. Further instructions will accompany that notification. Please forward your completed application and attachments to the address listed below.
Remember the deadline is May 1. If you have any questions, please call the number listed below.
Thanks for your application and good luck.
Mail to: Holly Guerrieri
PO Box 156
Yukon, PA 15698
(412) 427-5716
Westmoreland County Coaches
Association Scholarship Committee